Infiniti POS Station 


High performance and beautiful from on the outside. Intelligent electronics on the inside. With Infiniti Station, you get our most powerful, productive countertop POS system. It’s designed from the ground up to be the pillar of your business.


Revolutionary POS Connectivity 

  Point of Sales Redefined  



Small Footprint, Big Functionality

Designed to be clean and space-saving, the Infiniti Station can be easily placed on the cash drawer along with other peripheral devices.

Supports wide range of POS peripherals, including thermal printer, barcode scanner, PINpad terminal, cash box, etc. 




Single Station Multiple Devices


Supports Multiple Tablets

Suitable for small to medium merchants or restaurants that requires portability.


Cross Platform Compatibility

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows tablets.

POS Operation Made Easy



180 degree swivel in both directions to face either the operator or customer.
Soft self-locking mechanism


Tablet can be adjusted to desired viewing angles.
Tilt angle: 15°-75°


Portability thru Wi-Fi Connectivity


Detachable Tablet 

Southco latch mechanism that allows the tablet cradle to be detach from the station. While detached, tablet maintain communication to the station wirelessly. Tablet charging resumes when the cradle is placed on the station.

Wi-Fi Connectivity to Peripherals 

Wired peripherals connected to the station communicates to single or multiple tablets wirelessly. 


Modular High Speed Thermal Printer



Printing Speed: 170mm/s

Resolution: 203dpi,8dots/mm

Paper Roll Paper Type: 80mm Thermal Paper

Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50℃

Auto cutter: Yes

Paper Supply Method: Easy Paper Loading


Tech Spec

Color Glossy white with aluminium brush finishes
Materials Metal skeleton interior
Molded plastic exterior

(Including printer)

Height: 300.0 mm
Width: 360.0 mm
Depth: 165.0mm
Supported tablets iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Comm. Ports 4x USB
1x RS232
1x Ethernet 
1x DC Jack (internally powered thermal printer)
Mounting Options Drill mount
Adhensive mount
Weight 2.5kg
Power Supply 24V 4A, single power cable to mains




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