Mounting Solution

Magnum terminal stands used by big names across the globe

Compliance with Pin & Pay and PCI requirements

"The industry-wide move to replace signature cards with PIN cards will start from mid-2015. Signature will gradually be phased out as cards and terminals are upgraded. When you receive your new PIN card, you should enter a PIN when prompted, instead of signing, when making a card payment at a point of sale terminal in Malaysia. From 1 July 2017 onwards, signature will no longer be accepted when you use your card to make a domestic payment." (Pin & Pay)

Compliance means ensuring the PED is protected from criminal activity which could compromise the financial information of your customers. Our mounting solution helps OEM, banks and merchants to comply with the standards. Designed to support your Pin and pay terminals. 

Security of the payment terminals

All our mounting solutions are secured by anti-theft fasteners or latch mechanism with key and lock and anti-theft fasteners.  From June 2015, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, v3.2, it is a requirement for all retailers taking payment at point of sale to protect devices that capture payment card data via direct physical interaction with the card from tampering and substitution. Our solution successfully helps merchant comply to this requirement.

Increased lifespan of terminal and power/data cable

PED often gets damaged in the course of normal daily use, being passed to customers, cables rubbing against counter. With a proper mounting system, we are able to significantly reduce unnecessary wear and tear and false temperament, therefore less maintenance is needed which reduced the need for repair and replace.

Features and Benefits

  • Design to work with your Pin and Pay terminals
  • Secure your terminal on a reliable and efficient stand
  • Reduce down time and never miss a sale
  • Excellent swivel to face the customers or operators, tilt to the optimum viewing angle
  • Provide flexibility and ease to handle terminal for both your cashier and your customers
  • Smart cable management for neat layout and easy installation

Return on investment

  • The investment of stands results in the following cost-saving factors:
  • Substantially eliminates PED and cable damage
  • Designed with advertisement platform for brand publicity and generate more business
  • Minimizes terminal downtime from mishandling and never miss a sale
  • Reduces servicing cost, technician callout and replacement cost
  • Cable management which reduces less wear and tear 

Manufacturer Compatibility 

An effective mounting system is designed to be secure and practical in aiding operators and customers in their everyday transcation operations. It goes without saying that the system should work with the technologies embedded with the pinpad terminals. We have taken care of all your worries by having the right materials to ensure the wireless technology including Wi-Fi, contactless and NFC to not be disrupted. 

Our solution works with the following manufacturers:

  • Verifone
  • Ingenico
  • PAX
  • Bitel
  • Spectra
  • Castle
  • Optimum

EasyMountMounting Height: 80mm/200mm

Designed to effectively enhance security of payment terminals. Smart cable management allows cable with bulky ends connector to be routed through the middle of the stand. Stand finishing available in high quality full PC-ABS or hybrid PC-ABS with brushed aluminium.

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FlexiMountDetachable | Mounting Height: 80mm/200mm

Flexibility to detach the Pinpad from the stand. The latch can be locked by key. Smart cable management allows cable to be routed through the middle of the stand. Stand finishing available in high quality PC-ABS or hybrid PC-ABS with brushed aluminium.

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Nex-Gen ArenaSmooth Swiveling & Auto Locking

180 degree swivel in both direction with automatic soft self-locking mechanism, 45-90 degree tilting angle.Smart cable management designed to be able to route the power cable through the stand (up to 50mm connector). 

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