Ingenico Lane series & etc.

Magnum offers drive through solutions/paddle for most of the terminal brands and models. The drive through solution comes with Kensington lock or a fixed plastic coated steel wire for added security.

We have two flavors of drive through solutions.

Rear Handle

Mounting for detachable payment terminals with handle length at the back created for easy extension of the payment terminal to the customer over the counter or through the drive through window yet secured by Kensington lock (optional) –  social distancing

Multipurpose Mounting for Payment Terminals

Magnum uses its traditional design on the side handle for the following combinations- Pax, Verifone, Landi, Ingenico

Special Mounting for Lane Series

Product Range for Short handle

Side Handle for Lane Series - comes with table base as optional

Multipurpose Side Handle for Payment Terminals

Multipurpose Short Handle for Payment Terminals